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positive cash flow


Tapping into positive cash flow depends on your ability to control inventory and expenses, budget effectively and manage your cash situation on a weekly and monthly basis.

Our cash flow planning offers retailers one of the most sophisticated and accurate cash flow planning tools available.  We manage your inventory and expenses so you have the right balance of merchandise to grow profitably and produce profits and positive cash.
people product process
We will help unwind the way the people, products and processes
are intertwined in your better serve the customer, employees and management and put more cash into the bank. Identifying and removing obstacles to a smooth retail operation will help you unwind with less stress at the end of the day!
financial review
How do you compare to other retailers? Are your expenses in line? Do you know your break-even point?  
We will review your statements, establish budgets and help you better understand and use your internal accounting software.
If you use QuickBooks are you utilizing it to it's maximum potential?  Merchant Therapy and Management-One can work with you to turn that data into useful information to help you make better decisions.
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